Crathre focuses on making value-oriented investments

We have a focused philosophy to investing and, we tend to be nimble and opportunistic in our approach to implementing our investment strategy.

We invest in businesses we understand: there is beauty in simplicity. While the types of investments are diverse (from private organisations, existing property and small public companies), we focus our attention on capable and trustworthy management.

Crathre is not an investment fund, we invest our own capital and provide the advantages of a long-term, wholistic approach to the partners we select.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy: Concentration2


Concentrated investment strategy

We interested in your business core value proposition. Our partners have successfully concentrated on the core benefit they provide to customers and focus all of their energy on achieving that outcome.


Long-term investment approach

We look for partnerships with the right businesses, we see ourselves as owners. We don’t have rules about minimum/maximum hold periods or drawing dividends from a partner early. We look to a sustainable investment future.


Driven by customer-centricity

We are attracted to businesses who know their customer and know how to provide real, tangible benefits. Any business that has a true customer obsession has the potential to succeed in almost any market with the right backing.


Active, sustainable management

We take an active role in helping management succeed. Unlike many, we are not swayed by liquity, indexes or momentum investing. Our concentration-squared view means we want to see our partners stick to their core businesses and invest further into what they know and understand.


Investing in scalable opportunities

Whether it is through capitalisation, acquisition, business turnaround, we look for partners with scalable business models who have the team that can execute on their goals.


Turnaround or reconstruction investments

What makes Crathre unique is its successful track record in turnaround investments. Solid businesses that need turnaround support, from recapitalisation to reconstruction through to business restructure benefit from our expertise and investment.

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